The “D” Word.

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Opinion Piece
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I’ve been thinking a lot about death, lately. There are a couple of death anniversaries coming up in my family (Now there’s a perfect name for a band if there ever was one. “Death Anniversary.” I’m thinking crust punk), so it’s not surprising. Learning that Pete Steele has passed away doesn’t help, either. So of course the focus of this morbidity turned to how I use death in my writing.

Stories always reflect the perspective of their writers, either consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes the reflection is skewed like a funhouse mirror, but it’s always there. And… I’m a little too matter of fact with the deaths in my projects. In the first draft of TTR, a minor character died every chapter. It was strictly conflict fodder, nothing emotional. Even the death that should have shook up my main character didn’t result in much beyond kickstarting a “MUST HAVE REVENGE!!!” storyline. Sterilizing the emotions that surround a death may work out well in a modern culture that values productivity above all else, but it makes for crap storytelling. One more thing to include on my fix-it list.

  1. Merrilee says:

    It’s a tough thing to handle well.

  2. limewire says:

    lol sweet stuff dude.

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